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The club

“By our activities, we are trying to commemorate history of Czechoslovak state, brighten often forgotten affairs and tell this way that there were not only dark parts in the history of this country“ The club was established in the winter of 1993 by people who were interested in the same way in history of our state. All club`s activities have been focusing on the history of Czechoslovak army from 1914 to 1945. We are trying to commemorate historicaly proved events by holding exhibitions and pietas to ensure that our fathers and grandfathers will never be forgotten. Contribution to the medias and book publication is our other way to introduce military history to general public. Other activities range from the World Wars monument errection and maintenance to period military vehicle and equipment restoration. We dispose of extensive collection of archive documentation, historical objects, equipment, weaponry and also contemporary military vehicles (see Veteran Club section) We present ourselfs in historical uniforms at many Rememberance days, pietas and military events both, home and abroad and thus trying to pay off the debt we all owe to those brave people who layed their lifes for freedom of this country. The headquarters of our club is situated not far from town of Mlada Boleslav in Bakov nad Jizerou (50 km North of Prague) and associate around twenty members from throughout the country, mainly from Mlada Boleslav and Prague.”

pametni 1941

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