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Veteran Club Czechoslovak

The club was founded in 2003 under Association of Veteran car clubs ACR, as a part of living history group Rota Nazdar o.s. (KVH Rota Nazdar), in order to ensure testing of historical vehicles on our own.

The club associates mainly owners of historical vehicles from the era which is related to KVH Rota Nazdar’s activities. Mainly these are vehicles used by Czechoslovak army in Great Britain during WWII. Minority of the members are symphatizing owners of vehicles from the same or similar era.

Veterán klub


The chairman of the Veteran Club Czechoslovak is the current president of KVH Rota Nazdar o.s., Mr. Vilem Fencl.

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Technical commisars are:

1. Zdenek Capek chairman of the club testing committee
2. Dušan Klavik technical commisar No. 296
3. Vilem Fencl technical commisar No. 297

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Association of Veteran car clubs ACR, webpage here.

Current news:

Vehicle testation date will be announced here in advance.